Worried about the
L Train shutdown? 
No sweat. There's a new L in town.


Coming to Brooklyn
April 2019

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Guaranteed & Reliable

 A newly found peace of mind with guaranteed, reliable rides at your door every morning.

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Luxurious Daily Commute

Luxury shuttles driven by professional chauffeurs. Plus chargers, Wi-Fi, and breakfast bars on board.

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Set It & Forget It

With simple, one-time monthly payments, never deal with those crazy surge prices in the mornings.



Don't let the L train shutdown drive you out of town. Did you know that the average monthly premium to live in Manhattan is $350/month*? 

With The New L, get a ride to work Monday through Friday for $155/month. 

*Premium excludes moving costs, $15 margs and the emotional toll of leaving your favorite neighborhood behind.

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