Who's behind The New L?
The New L was created by a group of Brooklynites and transportation professionals who were sick of not having a good answer to the question “What are you going to do when the L train shuts down?". They
did a bit of research and dug into the MTA's proposed solution. They quickly realized that they have three options: 1. Endure a two-hour commute to work, 2. Move to Manhattan, or 3. Do something about it.

Why won't the MTA plan work?

Let's do the math. There are currently 400,000 daily riders on the L train. 225,000 of those riders count on the L to bring them from Brooklyn to Manhattan each day. The MTA plans to add capacity for an extra 35,000 bus riders, only accounting for 15% of the total affected population at best. They will increase ferries, allowing for a maximum of 10,000 daily riders, and they assume 16,000 residents at most will ride their bike or take a taxi into Manhattan. That still leaves 75-85% of riders (85% = a whopping 191,250 people) who are expected to take other subway routes when the L Train shuts down. Anyone who is familiar with the MTA's already-chronic delays and overcrowding, knows that without additional alternatives, this would be chaos.

For additional details,  check out the full MTA plan.

How can you accommodate so many riders?
The New L has partnered with local bus, shuttle, and limo companies that have tens  of thousands of vehicles, so we're able to scale up and down to meet consumer demand in realtime. 

How is The New L different than existing rideshare apps?

The New L is exclusively focused on solving for the L Train shutdown, providing a luxury commute at a fixed monthly rate. You don't have to book your rides each morning, wondering if there will be cars available or crazy surge pricing. You can wake up knowing you will have a guaranteed, reliable ride at your door each day.

When does it start?

April 2019

How can I sign up?


How much does it cost?


How can I get involved?
Say hey@thenewl.com