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Google Family Link Apk What Does It Do?

  1. Google Family Link is a parental control app that lets parents manage their children’s access to Google services.
  2. Parents can set time limits for how long their children can use specific Google services, and restrict which devices their children can use to access those services.

Parental Control on Android Phone and Devices Google Family Link

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What does Family Link allow you to do?

Family Link allows you to view your family’s history, manage your family’s relationships, and share photos and videos with your family.

Can Family Link see what you do in apps?

Family Link can see what apps you’re using, but it can’t track your activity within those apps.

Can Family Link see text messages?

Family Link can see text messages sent and received on your compatible smartphone.

Can Family Link see what you search?

Family Link does not have the ability to see what you search on Google or any other internet site.

What can Family Link not do?

Family Link cannot:
-Change your name
-Add or remove members from your family
-Change your address
-Delete your family

What can my parents see on Family Link?

Your parents can see all of the information on Family Link, including your contact information, calendar events, and notes.

Can Family Link see my photos?

Yes, Family Link can see your photos.

Can Family Link monitor your screen?

No, Family Link cannot monitor your screen.

Can Google family Manager see history?

Yes, Google family Manager can see your history.

Can a child delete Family Link?

Yes, a child can delete Family Link.

Can Family Link track your phone?

Yes, Family Link can track your phone.

Can Family Link block phone calls?

Yes, Family Link can block phone calls.

How do I delete Family Link history?

To delete Family Link history, open the Family Link app and tap on the three lines in the top left corner. Under “Settings,” select “History.” On the History page, tap on “Delete All History.

How can I see my child’s browsing history?

There are a few ways to view your child’s browsing history:
On the parent portal, click on the “Account and Settings” link in the top right corner of the home page. Under “Privacy & Security,” select “View My Child’s Browsing History.”
On the child’s device, open the parental controls settings and under “Browsing History,” select “View All Browsing History.”

Can Family Link access WhatsApp messages?

Yes, Family Link can access WhatsApp messages.

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