How Do I Cancel An Office Depot Order?

  1. If you have an office depot order and would like to cancel it, you can do so by calling the customer service number on the order and asking to cancel.

Office Depot order processing meaning item has shipped


How do I cancel a pickup order at Office Depot?

To cancel a pickup order at Office Depot, you can use the following methods:
-Call the store at 1-800-OFFICE-DEPOT and ask to cancel the order.
-Mail the order back to Office Depot with a note explaining why you would like to cancel it.
-Write a letter to the store explaining your concerns and asking for a refund or credit for the order.

How do I cancel my Office Depot account?

Office Depot offers a variety of cancellation options, including online, by phone, or in-store. To cancel your account:
Log into your account on Office Depot’s website.
Click on the “Cancel Account” link.
Follow the prompts to complete the cancellation process.
You will need to provide your name, email address, and password to confirm your cancellation.
Your account will be cancelled and all products will be removed from your shelves.

How long does a refund from Office Depot take?

Refunds from Office Depot typically take about 7-10 business days.

How long does Office Depot Hold print orders?

Office Depot typically holds print orders for an average of four to six weeks.

Can I cancel a custom order from Home Depot?

No, you cannot cancel a custom order from Home Depot.

Is OfficeMax the same as Office Depot?

OfficeMax is a larger chain of stores that specializes in office supplies and equipment. Office Depot is a smaller chain of stores that specializes in home and kitchen supplies.

Can you return opened items to Office Depot?

Yes, you can return opened items to Office Depot. Please call our customer service at 1-800-433-8279 to place the order and we will process and send you a refund for the items you return.

Can you return ink Office Depot?

Yes, you can return ink Office Depot. Please note that the ink must be unused and in its original packaging.

What does Office Depot backorder mean?

Office Depot typically backorders items for up to 2 weeks, in order to maintain the highest level of inventory possible.

Can you return printer ink?

Yes, you can return printer ink. However, it is best to do this in person as the ink may not be available at your local store.

What stores will give you cash back without a receipt?

Some stores, such as CVS and Macy’s, will give you cash back without a receipt if you have been a customer for at least six months.

What happens if I don’t pick up my staples order?

If you don’t pick up your staples order, the store will send them to your house.

How long will Home Depot hold my order?

Home Depot typically holds an order for 3-4 business days.

How does in store pickup work?

In store pickup works like any other store. You place your order and when your order is ready, you come into the store and pick it up.

How do I cancel Home Depot online order?

To cancel an online order, please follow these steps:
Log in to your account and click on the “My Account” tab.
On the left side of the screen, click on the “Cancel Order” button.
In the “Order Details” field, enter the name of the order you would like to cancel and click on the “Cancel Order” button.

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