How Do You Delete Myfitnesspal Account?

  1. If you have an account with MyFitnesspal, you can delete it by going to the MyFitnesspal website and clicking on the “Delete Account” link.

How to Delete MyFitnessPal Account | MyFitnessPal Tutorial 2021


Can I delete MyFitnessPal and start over?

Yes, you can delete MyFitnessPal and start over.

Is it easy to cancel MyFitnessPal?

Yes, you can cancel MyFitnessPal without penalty.

How do I disconnect MyFitnessPal app?

To disconnect the MyFitnessPal app, open the app and tap on the “Menu” button. Scroll down and select “Settings.” Tap on “Usage Data” and then “Uninstall.

How do I delete old weight on MyFitnessPal?

Delete old weight by selecting “Delete” from the main menu and then selecting the desired weight.

Is there a free version of MyFitnessPal?

There is a free version of MyFitnessPal available on the web.

How much is MyFitnessPal subscription?

A MyFitnessPal subscription costs $5.99 per month.

When did MyFitnessPal start charging?

MyFitnessPal started charging in October of 2014.

How do I contact MyFitnessPal?

To contact MyFitnessPal, please visit their website and click on the “Contact Us” link. From there, you can either use the contact form or call them at 1-800-FITZPAL (1-800-853-2745).

How long is MyFitnessPal free trial?

The MyFitnessPal free trial lasts for 30 days.

How many people are subscribed to MyFitnessPal?

There are over 1 million people subscribed to MyFitnessPal.

How do I stop getting emails from MyFitnessPal?

There are a few ways to stop getting emails from MyFitnessPal. You can unsubscribe from newsletters, change your password, or disable automatic updates.

Where is the progress page on MyFitnessPal?

The progress page for MyFitnessPal is located at

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