A First Look at 'the New L,' the Startup Community’s Solution to the L Train Shutdown

September 20, 2018

For $155 a month, L train passengers can take an ultra-lux alternative that offers free WiFi and a breakfast bar.


L train shutdown begets The New L luxury shuttle service

September 18, 2018

“We were thinking of doing a shuttle for ourselves and people in our building, but continuing to dig deeper into the numbers this is affecting, we decided to open it up to the public,” Getto explained.


The New L: A Luxury Transportation Alternative During NYC's L Train Shutdown

August 29, 2018

A major New York City subway line that transports hundreds of thousands of commuters is shutting down in April. "The New L" is a luxury transportation service that will run during the shutdown, with amenities like Wi-Fi and breakfast. Jaime Getto, President of "The New L" tells Cheddar what users of this new service can expect.



Updated August 21, 2018

Others seeking longer-term, exclusive-ish solutions can look to The New L -- a carpool subscription that, for the bargain price of $155 a month, sends a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van to your door each rush-hour morning, and gets you where you need to go while you enjoy Wi-Fi and complimentary breakfast.


New York City’s L Train Shutdown Might Not Be So Terrible

August 21, 2018

There’s also a private-sector effort to step into the L train void: A startup dubbed “the New L” plans to offer Brooklyn commuters morning rides to Manhattan in wifi-equipped “luxury shuttles,” for a monthly subscription of $155.


NYC officials check out new bus routes ahead of planned L train shutdown in April

August 6, 2018

“The fact that the MTA has failed so horrendously to address the L train shutdown with government funded public transit — this is the reason why we have to worry about traffic. Shuttle buses are the best way to mitigate,” Getto said. “If the DOT or MTA tries to pass legislation to stop other buses from crossing the bridge, they will not have only failed to put out a viable plan, but they will be making the shutdown far worse for everyone.”


How residents of one New York neighborhood plan to ride out a subway line's shutdown

August 4, 2018

While the L train is the primary mode of transportation for Williamsburg residents, it's not the only game in town. A luxury jitney service calling itself — wait for it — "The New L" is charging commuters $155 each month to shuttle to and from Manhattan. Each shuttle will offer Internet, breakfast bars and phone chargers.


Luxury shuttle service “The New L” wants to help commuters affected by the L train shutdown

August 1, 2018

As the L-pocalypse draws nigh—the line is slated to stop running between Brooklyn and Manhattan in April 2019—one Brooklyn entrepreneur has announced that she’s starting a shuttle service called "The New L" to ferry commuters from their Brooklyn homes to their Manhattan places of work. 


This Startup Wants to Save L Train Riders with Fancy Vans and Breakfast Bars

July 27, 2018

To find out more about how The New L will work, we heard from Getto herself. Here’s what she had to say:
VICE: How did The New L come about? And what is the service in your own words?


This ‘luxury’ alternative will make the L train shutdown feel like a dream

July 26, 2018

An entrepreneur is starting up a “luxury” alternative to the L train to run when the line stops running into Manhattan next year.

“The New L” shuttles will be outfitted with Wi-Fi, chargers and a breakfast bar — and set riders back $155 a month for trips Monday to Friday.