Update from The New L

As you may have seen, the Governor of New York recently announced that there is a high likelihood that the L Train will no longer shut down full time for repairs.

The New L was founded on the principle of bringing viable mobility solutions in order to fill wide gaps where the city could not. Over the last few days, we’ve spoken to countless residents along the L, including those who have signed up for our waitlist. Ultimately, we have come to the decision that as long as the current plan of record remains as-is, then providing scheduled buses across the east river bridges starting in April is no longer the best way to serve the residents of NYC.

We strongly believe that a holistic approach to city transportation is a crucial role of government, and is needed to ensure accessibility, connectivity, safety and overall livability. If the New York State and City governments are able to meet the mobility needs of its NYC citizens, then this is the best case scenario. In the future, if we find that we no longer have confidence that this is the case, and the proposal does not go as planned, then you can bet that The New L team will be back. The New L has the necessary logistics, infrastructure and partnerships in place to readily launch operations, if need be. For now, we will be winding things down, and rooting for Cuomo’s plan, the MTA, and most of all - our fellow Brooklyn residents :)


Jaime Getto
Founder, The New L

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