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What Happens When You Permanently Deactivate Kik?

  1. Kik will continue to function as a messaging app, but all user data and contacts will be lost.

How to Permanently Delete Your Kik Account ?


Does permanently deactivating Kik delete messages?

Kik does not delete messages permanently, it deletes them when you uninstall the app and lose your key.

How long does it take Kik to delete your account?

Kik takes about 2 hours to delete your account.

How do I completely delete my Kik account?

Delete your Kik account by going to the following link: https://www. Kik.com/settings/accounts/delete?

Can you recover a deactivated Kik account?

Kik is a messaging app that can be deactivated by the user. You can go to the Kik website and find your account’s information, such as your username and password. Once you have those details, you can reactivate your account by visiting the website and entering your username and password.

Can Kik messages be recovered?

Kik messages can be recovered if the Kik app is deleted and the phone is reset.

Can you delete pictures sent on Kik?

Kik allows you to “delete” pictures that have been sent to you. To do this, open the app and go to the “Pictures” tab. then click on the “Delete” button.

When you block someone on Kik Can they still see your messages?

Yes, blocked users can still see your messages if they have been approved to view them.

How do I reactivate my Kik account?

To reactivate your Kik account, go to the app’s Settings and select the “Activate Account” option.

Is Kik safe?

Kik is a safe messaging app with over 100 million users. Kik is not connected to the internet and does not collect or track user data.

Can I change my Kik username?

Kik allows you to change your username at any time. To do so, open the Kik app and go to the Accounts tab. Scroll down to the bottom and select “Change Username.” Enter in a new username and hit save.

Does Kik store messages on server?

Kik does not store messages on their server. All messages are sent through the app.

Where are Kik pictures stored?

Kik pictures are stored on the Kik app’s servers.

How long do messages stay on Kik?

Messages stay on Kik for about 24 hours.

How do I retrieve deleted Kik messages?

Kik allows you to delete messages by going to the message history and selecting the message you want to delete.

Can Kik be traced to your phone?

Kik is not actually affiliated with Google, and there is no way to track its origins.

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